Travel Arrangements

Education Link overseas has a well co-coordinated Travel Desk that offers the Following services to students:

  • Passport Application (New and Renewal)
  • Discounted Air Ticketing.
  • Discounted Courier Services.
  • Foreign Exchange Requirements
  • Internal Travel Arrangements .
  • Tours Arrangements for Students with their Families .
  • Airport Pickups etc., including ticket booking, seat/meal preference, advanced seat requests, finding economical airfares.

Post Departure Services

Education Link has on-shore offices in USA, UK and Australia. Staff at our offices are eager to help you with information and assistance in obtaining temporary accommodation, local help with the universities and any other issues. Education Link will help your transition to the new environment without hassle, by providing you invaluable first hand information about various aspects like:
Advise on accommodation and arrangement

  • Advise Local transportation and buying a car
  • Purchase of house hold items
  • Driving license
  • Getting a part time job
  • Practical advise on living
  • Advise on immigration and work permits
  • Do’s and don’ts in a foreign country
  • Help in socializing with community

Many companies including global giants have joined hands with Education Link to provide a full menu of services in-house.