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We introduce ourselves as one of the Leading Consultants in the area of promoting overseas education. Developed as a genuine Professional Consultancy Service to students and parents, “Oberoi’s Education Link pvt ltd” is known as industry leader for Global Education across the globe in countries like UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA etc. We have affiliated ourselves with some of the best colleges and universities across the world to provide quality education for generations to come.

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Why Oberoi's Education

" Education Link has professionals in its ranks, who have versatile qualifications and experience to suggest right career options. We also have latest data, updated regularly, which provides necessary inputs on the opportunities, scope, prospects and financial rewards in any given field of work. "

Course Selection

When there are thousands of courses, with multiple specializations and unlimited options, it is difficult for a student to make the right choice. Education Link's expertise will make all the difference for you.

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Country Selection

Education Link makes all the difference to you here. We will provide you with unbiased information on all the countries that we provide services and steer you in the right direction - North for USA, West for UK!

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Scholarship Assistance

Scholarships and financial aid are given to meritorious International students, by the respective colleges or universities. There are several foundations which also consider some form of aid/award based on the academic performance.

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Career Counseling

Obviously, the main purpose of education is to achieve career goals. Unless the 'career' is carefully charted, education's value is lost. At Education Link, we not only guide students to plan their education, but also direct their ideas towards career planning.

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Visa Assistance

At Education Link, we make sure that you succeed in getting your visa! Our professional approach and guidance will improve the visa chances and ensures that you reach your dream land, not with just an admission.

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Travel Services

Education Link overseas has a well co-coordinated Travel Desk that offers the Following services to students. Education Link's staff at our offices are eager to help you with information and assistance in obtaining temporary accommodation

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